Time – Chapter 7.2

There are some references of historical figures in this segment that we aren’t too familiar with so we didn’t elaborate on those parts. The general meaning can be inferred and feel free to share some insight if you know more about the topic!

The real-life interactions continue and we learn more about the other characters. As expected, our male lead doesn’t disappoint and we get some quality interactions between the two leads (Turtle: SWOOONS). Enjoy 🙂

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Time – Chapter 6.2

Seems like it’s not just Yao Yuan and Jun Lin Tian Xia who are making plans to meet in real life. The others want in too! We also get a little glimpse of how popular our female lead was when she was a student.

Note that we will be using the words “instructor” and “teacher” interchangeably. We will translate 大学老师 as “university instructor” and 老师 as “teacher”.


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