Time – Chapter 8.2

Happy New Year!

In this segment, we see how “the beauty saves the hero”. We also get to see how Jiang An Lan is inexplicably loyal to Yao Yuan.

Chapter 8.2 – The beauty saves the hero

Once on the taxi, Yao Yuan immediately said: “Sir, could I trouble you to bring us to the closest hospital? Quickly, he’s not going to make it.”

The man who occupied two thirds of the back seat had already regained a bit of consciousness. He strenuously yet coldly opened his mouth: “Who isn’t going to make it?”

Yao Yuan turned around and looked at him. The car had started moving and there was light shining in from outside from time to time. Amidst the contrasting brightness and darkness, Yao Yuan finally caught a glimpse of this person’s appearance. It was very outstanding, but his way of speaking is obviously “not pleasant”. Yao Yuan did not answer him, thinking that she should accumulate good karma for herself today.

The man also watched her for a while in the flickering light and finally closed his eyes.

After arriving at the hospital, Yao Yuan got off the car, walked over to the other side of the car, and opened the door to help the man down. That’s when she heard him slowly say: “I can’t walk. Go ask someone to bring a wheelchair. Also, I don’t have any money, it’s all in the car.”

Therefore, Miss Yao went to get someone to push this bad-tempered stranger. After helping him perform the hospital admission paperwork, there was less than $500 left of her scholarship. After waiting for everything to be completed, Yao Yuan was exhausted. She naturally didn’t wait for him to come out afterwards. She rested on the hospital chair for a while then went out to take a taxi back to her campus.

When Yao Yuan was lying down in her dormitory, she thought in a daze, would this be some new form of fraud? However, this matter had ended so thinking too much about it would be useless. She fell asleep while hugging a hot water bottle to her stomach.

Jiang An Lan spend a night at the hospital and went back to school the next day. Once he returned to the dormitory, he took off his coat and fell asleep. Wen Cheng, who was in the midst of picking a topic for his research paper, turned his head and looked at him: “An Lan, you came back? Where did you go have fun last night?” The other two roommates who were playing games also asked: “Yeah yeah, where did you go for a leisurely stroll?”

Jiang An Lan didn’t answer them. He lied down and closed his eyes for a while, then suddenly sat up and said to Wen Cheng: “Who are the school beauties and faculty beauties in our school? Let’s find out and take a look.”

One of the friends who were playing games, the chubbier one, was shocked. “Wow, An Lan, are you finally taking action on the beauties of our school?”

Jiang An Lan elegantly and glamorously shot Little Fatty a glance then got up and walked behind Wen Cheng, “find them, show me the photos.”

Wen Cheng laughed and said: “So impatient.” His hands had already opened the Jiang Ning University forum. Don’t need to give much effort to find the collection of posts on the school beauties, faculty beauties, and class beauties. It was properly placed on the front page of the forum so it was found right away and Wen Cheng clicked on it.

Jiang An Lan glanced at the first photo that came up, shook his head, then said: “Not her. Scroll down.”

Wen Cheng scrolled down and the photos came up one by one. Jiang An Lan denied them again and again: “Not her.”

When they saw the last photo, Jiang An Lan couldn’t help but frown, “No more?”

“Yeah, already at the end.” Wen Cheng was very curious, “who are you looking for ah?”

Jiang An Lan replied: “Finding someone.” He paused then added, “a matter of debts.”

Wen Cheng complained in his heart: “Of course I know you’re finding a ‘person’. The question is, who is this person?” But when he heard about the matter of debts, Wen Cheng felt that this was a little unbelievable. “Who owes you money? Now it’s not only guys who owe you money. Could it be that there’s also a beautiful girl who had thick skin and asked to borrow money from you?”

Jiang An Lan frowned: “I’m the one who owes her money.”

The next time Jiang An Lan met Yao Yuan was the morning of the day he finished choosing his thesis topic and had decided to fly to Beijing that afternoon. He had just come out of the thesis supervisor’s office and was walking to his dorm. Then, he saw Yao Yuan who was talking and laughing with some people while walking into one of the school buildings next to him.

Jiang An Lan only thought about it for two seconds before following her. He saw her walk into a lecture hall on the ground floor. After hesitating for a while, he also went in.

His health wasn’t very good during those days. After taking a seat beside her and closing his eyes to think of how he should return the money to her, he heard her speak. Because of her single phrase of “I don’t know you”, he was slightly annoyed and didn’t even return the money before leaving.

Every time he thought of that scene, he would grit his teeth.

Afterwards, he went back home to Beijing and threw the money he owed into the cabinet beside his bed. For the next five years, he didn’t touch the money.

In these five years, he founded an economic and trade company with his ABC (American Born Chinese) younger cousin, Zhao Zi Jie, who had lived abroad for seven or eight years. The results weren’t bad. Besides his health being a little poor, Jiang An Lan could be considered limitless. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, is smarter than average, and had good looks. Two hands were just not enough to count how many women took interest in him. Even when he went out to eat, there would be women who were bold enough to ask him for his number. Despite this, he had lived to 28 years old without having a single girlfriend. In the past two years, some people in the Jiang family anxiously asked him quite a few times what kind of girl he likes. Every time, Jiang An Lan’s response would be, “seen her once, made me constantly think of her, unable to forget.”

Made you constantly think of her and unable to forget? All the women in the family were perplexed. It would be easy for you to make people constantly think of you and unable to forget. On the other hand, the more they thought about it, the more it seemed impossible.

Only Jiang An Lan knew that in the past few years, he hadn’t forgotten that silhouette.


8 thoughts on “Time – Chapter 8.2

  1. I absolutely love this novel. Thank you for translating it. I always check in and get excited when there is an update. I wait on them like crazy. Thanks again!!!!


  2. Omg.. I was soo happy to see an update for this novel.. I almost thought u guys dropped it.. Soo grateful for not dropping..

    Awwww our ml is soo loyal and he’s annoyed that fl didn’t recognize him 😂😂😂 so cute..


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