Time – Chapter 8.1

Chapter 8 starts with a short flashback and sheds some light on how the main characters met. Enjoy!

Chapter 8.1 – The beauty saves the hero

Five years ago.

On a moonlit and starry night in the Higher Education District[1], after Yao Yuan was full of alcohol and food, she slowly walked back to Jiang Ning University. In the first semester of her first year, she received a top scholarship. When she received the money this semester, she she bought dinner for her roommates who had been pestering her to treat them to a big meal.

[1]高教园区 (gao jiao yuan qu): Many cities in China have a designated area where multiple universities and prestigious high schools are located

The small restaurant where they had dinner was not far from Jiang Ning University. After Yao Yuan said her goodbyes to her roommates, it took ten minutes to walk to the road at the back door of the university. This road has a long history and the trees on either side are tall and shady. When the weather was good, there were quite a lot of students meeting up on the road. But now it’s March, the temperature is quite low, especially at night, so almost nobody is walking on the road. When she had almost reached the back door, Yao Yuan saw that there was a car parked in front. Beside the car stood a figure who was kicking the car. She couldn’t help but be shocked, this wouldn’t be…… those sort of bad eggs in society right? Yao Yuan saw that there wasn’t anyone else around and felt that she shouldn’t trouble herself over other people’s business. If it was actually game over, then it wouldn’t be worth it. Just as she was going to walk further away, she saw the other person ruthlessly kick the door again. She just couldn’t stand it and said: “Hey, don’t do bad things. There is a security camera installed here.” It is said that there was a camera there before but was later taken down. But anyway, fool them first, then we can talk.

That person turned towards her. Street lamps were separated by a large distance and most of the light was blocked by the leaves and branches on the trees so Yao Yuan couldn’t see him clearly. She could only tell that he was very slim. Afterwards, she heard him coldly say: “Leave.”

Yao Yuan thought to herself that if words can be measured by temperature, this voice would probably be below zero. In the next moment, she saw him holding his forehead with one hand and the car with the other while sliding to the ground. This accident happened too suddenly, Yao Yuan ran over without much thought. “Hey, hey, are you alright!?”

He seemed to be in a lot of pain and had difficulty breathing. Yao Yuan hesitated then crouched down and reached out her hand to check his situation but he waved his hand. “Don’t touch me, I won’t die.”

It was the first time Yao Yuan came across a situation like this so she was a little out of her wits. Not a moment later, the other person didn’t have any movements and leaned against the car as if he was in a dead faint.

“Hey! Hey!’

No response.

Yao Yuan felt anxious. No matter what, he was one of society’s bad eggs. Should bring him to the hospital first right? That day she was lucky, Yao Yuan just got up when a taxi drove by behind her. She immediately started waving her hand but she thought it would be unrealistic to bring him from the ground to the taxi by herself so she went over to ask the driver for help. The taxi driver was kind and helped her bring the person to the taxi.

Once on the taxi, Yao Yuan immediately said: “Sir, could I trouble you to bring us to the closest hospital? Quickly, he’s not going to make it.”

The man who occupied two thirds of the back seat had already regained a bit of consciousness. He strenuously yet coldly opened his mouth: “Who isn’t going to make it?”


15 thoughts on “Time – Chapter 8.1

  1. Even though I already finished the raws I’m still really grateful for the English translation. Thank you for the update. Hope there’s more to come.


  2. Looking forward to more chapters and thank you for translating this novel. You may not realize it but translators really make a lot of people happy for good stories that we otherwise will not be able to enjoy without you guys sharing your language ability and know-how with us. Have a great day!


    1. Your support and kind words mean a lot to us! I’m grateful that there are still people who want to read this despite our slow and sporadic posts. Hope you have a great new year (:


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