Time – Chapter 7.3

A lot happens in this section and Jiang An Lan is moving at the speed of light! Quick reminder that this is a story and does not reflect what should or should not happen in real life. Enjoy the read (:

Chapter 7.3 – First internet meetup


During the short 100 metre walk to the hotel, Yao Yuan walked with her cousin. Jiang An Lan didn’t disturb them, he was walking two metres behind her and had a small smile on his face while looking at her.

But when they arrived at the hotel’s large 50-person room, Jiang An Lan finally walked beside Yao Yuan. Li Ao had very good judgement and immediately asked everyone to take a seat. There were five big luxurious round tables in the bright and spacious room. To be precise, it should be a small auditorium. A dozen or so people only sat at two tables and hadn’t filled the seats.

As for Yao Yuan, Jiang An Lan had nonchalantly held her waist and sat to the right of her. Two waiters came over with the menu. Li Ao said that there were still people who had not arrived yet and they would wait a bit. He told them to bring the tea first.

After the waiters went out, Li Ao said: “There are still half of us who have not arrived yet. Let’s give them a call and tell them to hurry up and that we have changed location.”

Not long afterwards, Zou Na Shi Na hung up his phone and said: “Brother Wen is almost here! He even said that he brought specialty products for us.”

Li Ao laughed and said: “This hotel doesn’t let outside food to be brought in. Just let him squat outside.”

While everyone was joking around, Yao Yuan’s whole body felt awkward. The man sitting beside her who had a strong presence had put one of his arms on the back of her chair, his body was slightly inclined towards her. Although he was watching others chatting, her entire body was engulfed in his masculine scent. There was a hint of fragrance that could not be described. Was it cologne? Very faint, nice to smell, and very suitable for him…… Yao Yuan’s thoughts had been affected and didn’t have a focus. All she thought was that this fragrance smelled nice. In the end, she actually asked: “What brand of cologne did you use?”

Jiang An Lan looked at her then laughed, “I don’t use cologne.”

Yao Yuan didn’t believe it. Jiang An Lan said: “I really didn’t use cologne. Carefully smell again?”

Yao Yuan subconsciously leaned over, then she she heard someone cough loudly. She looked up and saw that everyone stopped talking and were looking towards them. Yao Yuan reacted and instantly felt embarrassed! Jiang An Lan slowly began speaking at this moment and said to the bystanders: “Don’t look at things that are not consistent with propriety, don’t you understand?”



Zou Na Shi Na laughed loudly, “This feeling seems like we’ve returned to the game. One word from Boss and everyone will kneel.”

Hua Kai added: “Little Jun is a little quieter than when she’s gaming. Is it because her husband is here?”

Yao Xin Ran said: “She hasn’t been in love before, you all should be considerate of her.”

Yao Yuan was sweating profusely. At the same time, she heard Li Ao say: “Really? This is also our Boss’ first time.”

Xue Sha could not believe it, “it can’t be!?”

Zou Na Shi Na cried out: “Wah, then both of them haven’t had their first kisses!?”

If this was in the game, Zou Na Shi Na probably would have been kicked out of the clan again.

Yao Yuan couldn’t stop feeling awkward. “I’m going to the washroom, you guys keep chatting.” She left quickly. Hua Kai run up to her from behind, “wait for me, I’m going too.”

While the two people were walking to the washroom, Hua Kai laughed, “Jun Jun, first time seeing you ‘retreat’, and Jun Lin Tian Xia Clan Leader’s aura isn’t good ah.”

Yao Yuan stayed silent, but there is indeed a feeling of being seen through. She just couldn’t feel completely at ease when facing that person, her heart was always a mess.

At that time, a man was walking towards them. He had a thin frame, was tall, wore a pair of black-rimmed glasses, and had a refined disposition. After he walked past them, he retraced his steps and reached his hand out to stop Yao Yuan. Then he smiled at Yao Yuan and called out, “sister-in-law?”

Yao Yuan was surprised and instinctually asked: “You are?”

He adjusted his backpack, reached a hand out, and gave a sincere smile, “In-game ID Wen Ru Yu, real name Wen Cheng. It’s a pleasure to meet you eldest sister-in-law.”

After Yao Yuan shook his hand, he also shook hands with Hua Kai and asked how she is doing. Hua Kai saw that he still had something to say to Yao Yuan and spoke up to prevent him from speaking: “Brother, we need to go to the washroom. If you have something to say, say it later.”

Wen Cheng laughed, “alright then, I’ll go over there first. See you later.”

When they arrived at the washroom, Hua Kai covered her chest and said “fuck”. “Just now, who who who was that!?”

Yao Yuan heard this and was confused, “who?”

“He is the host of a talk show. Very famous ah!”

Yao Yuan rarely watched television, “not too sure.”

“His show is quite upscale……” Hua Kai finished being excited. She laughed and said, “This time the internet meetup is full of gold. Wen Cheng, a celebrity. Your husband, just a glance and we can tell that he isn’t a lamp that save on fuel. (T/N: she’s saying he’s rich.) Not sure whether any more surprising and frightening people will appear as we go on?”

In the end, it was proven that there really were more. Duo La A Meng, an 18 year old boy, was actually a well known cartoonist. As well as the one who came the latest, Shui Diao Ge Yao. Although she wasn’t a celebrity, at least she was a beauty, the first ranked beauty in Prosperous Century. A head full of wavy hair, pale skin, petite, and soft spoken.

There were male comrades who envied the deputy clan leader: “Deputy clan leader is too lucky to have married Shui Diao beauty!”

Li Ao laughed and cupped his hands, “well said well said.”

Once everyone arrived, they proceeded to introduce themselves. Of the introductions, the most minimal and most lazy of course was the World Clan Clan Leader’s; only saying the name: “Jiang Tian”. As for what other people felt about this, they couldn’t say so openly, so Yao Yuan will share their thoughts. She is very curious about why this person is so attached to using the name “Jiang Tian” and why so obsessed with using “Jiang An Lan”.

Even though many “celebrities” showed up that day, after everyone’s excitement, they still played, hollered, and teased. Hua Kai blocked Duo La A Meng’s shoulder and said: “You little scoundrel, continually playing as a transvestite (T/N: someone who plays as a character of the opposite sex in the game) to confuse people.”

Duo La A Meng wailed: “I never said I was a girl.”

Hua Kai closed her eyes, “such a young age and already know how to rebut?”

“I don’t dare big sister!” Duo La A Meng cried.

Afterwards the group of people sat in three tables to eat. After appetizers were served, Li Ao stood up, raised his glass and said: “Today, we had the good fortune to meet from miles away….”

Wen Cheng laughed: “Your official speeches is a bit much brother, just drink and eat.”

Yao Xin Ran also slammed the table, “Brothers, we all are so hungry that our chests are sticking to our backs. Speak less nonsense!”

Li Ao once was a great disciple in a prestigious school and is now both the official spokesperson of Master Jiang’s company and Master Jiang’s assistant. His self-esteem was ruthlessly torn and gritted his teeth while looking at his boss. As a result, his boss ingeniously pulled his wife beside him and raised his glass slightly towards everyone. His voice was calm and clear but everyone heard him clearly say, “everyone just do as you wish.” Then he finished the wine in his glass which led everyone to cheer. Some people even said: “Wishing Clan Leader and your wife a hundred years of wedded bliss!”

Wen Cheng couldn’t help but silently admire his old classmate, “I’ve never seen someone who had such skills like Young Master Jiang. Two or three moves and he had turned the gathering into his own wedding.”

As for Yao Yuan’s feelings about this: She has completely lost, so she will continue being an ostrich.

There was an abundance of dishes and everyone had a pleasant lunch. During that time, Yao Xin Ran found that two people who were sitting at the same time with her, Xiong Ying Yi Hao and Zou Na Shi Na, were fiddling with their phones with a serious expression.

Yao Xin Ran was curious and asked them, “what are you doing?”

Zou Na Shi Na didn’t even lift up his head, “today’s lunch, took a picture and uploading it on Weibo @XiongYing.”

Xiong Ying Yi Hao’s thumbs were flying, “replying Zou Na’s message.”

“You two are sitting beside each other…… Are all homebodies [1] like this?” Yao Xin Ran turned around and asked Wen Cheng who was next to her.

[1] 宅男 (zhai nan): a male who stays at home most of the time, has little to no social interaction with others, and is often on their computer. In this context, she’s pointing at their lack of social interaction.

Wen Cheng only smiled. He wouldn’t reveal that when when he arrived at the hotel, he had taken a picture and uploaded it on his verified Weibo account.

Once lunch was finished, there was also an abundance of activities. Following Zou Na Shi Na’s steps, the group had visited all the fun spots in Jiang Ning City. Although I said steps, there was actually a big bus waiting for us outside the hotel. The bus was naturally arranged by Disciple Li (T/N: nickname for Li Ao) as instructed by Jiang An Lan, it drove along all the sights and scenery. When it was almost dusk, the bus had arrived near a beach.

The group of people rushed to the beach without a second thought. Even the people who lived in Jiang Ning City and were used to this beach felt a different kind of happiness because they were accompanying new friends here.

Yao Yuan “accompanied” Jiang An Lan while he was walking slowly at the back. He was so slow that it seemed deliberate. Beauty Yao couldn’t help but have dark thoughts. Could he have an ulterior motive? Although everything went calmly and peacefully at the previous places they played at, she had a vague feeling that something will happen here.

Sure enough, Yao Yuan felt that she should change professions to be a prophet or fortune teller.

When the two people walked beside a big rock, the side almost blocked the line of sight of all their companions. Jiang An Lan said: “Are you a little bit afraid of me?”

Yao Yuan denied: “Nope.”

Jiang An Lan laughed: “Then why have you been afraid to look at me while speaking?”

Yao Yuan raised her head, then felt depressed and really nervous, and finally dropped her head, feeling dejected.

Jiang An Lan watched her with a smile that reached his eyes. When he gently embraced her, she was completely stunned. After a long while, Jiang An Lan faintly said, “wife, how about we solve our first kiss today?”

That day, Yao Yuan’s first kiss was gone in a confusing situation.

She only remembered that he pulled her into his arms.

Then he held up her chin and said: “Be good, close your eyes. Otherwise, I will be nervous.”

She was so nervous that she couldn’t tell the difference between north, east, south, and west. Then she closed her eyes.

In the darkness, she felt a warm breath draw close to herself, then his lips were on her lips. She felt that her heart was going to jump out of her chest, thud thud thud thud thud thud.

He held her back, slid his hand towards her waist, and hugged her. But his lips were still very gentle and did not deepen the kiss, just gently rubbed against each other. Then he lightly bit her lower lip and his breath gradually faded away.

The day’s activities ended after eating midnight snack at a food stall, but Yao Yuan’s brain was paralyzed after going to the beach. Afterwards, at the KTV, Yao Xin Ran went over and asked her, “why are you so feeble?”

Yao Yuan shook her head, “dizzy.”

At that time, Clan Leader Jiang was pulled out to play poker by his clan members. Hua Kai, Xue Sha, and the others were singing on the second floor. She sat in the corner and kept watching Clan Leader Jiang’s back. Yao Xin Ran couldn’t help but tease her: “Your in-game husband is really sincere and stylish. His back is also handsome. I’ll say, do you really like him? Ah understood understood. Truthfully speaking, if you two could develop feelings in real life, that’s not a bad thing! But you need to take it slowly. Reality isn’t like the game where people who just met can get married……”

Yao Yuan said to herself, today’s speed is definitely comparable to that of the game.

After the internet meetup ended, a group of people went to the hotel that they booked earlier. When Li Ao invited everyone over to the hotel, he said: “Locals of Jiang Ning City can come too, it’s rare to have a gathering together. We can still chat at night and when we wake up tomorrow, we can do some activities together right?” Other than Yao Yuan, everyone else felt like they hadn’t played enough and thanked Jun Lin Clan Leader for paying again! Yao Yuan was dragged into this by her cousin who hadn’t had enough fun.

Afterwards, in the hotel, everyone was divided into rooms. Yao Yuan naturally shared a room with her cousin. Jiang An Lan stood a little bit farther away and looked at Miss Yao, but Yao Yuan was tired from the day’s activities and was dozing off on her cousin’s shoulder. She didn’t notice Jiang An Lan’s gaze until she arbitrarily looked up and met his gaze. He smiled a little. Yao Yuan only felt that her brain made a “weng” sound, then her face started to heat up.

Nobody said anything afterwards, everyone went to their respective rooms. But on Yao Yuan’s side, when her cousin went to take a shower, room service delivered two cups of warm milk. Right when she wanted to ask whether it was delivered to the wrong place, the other party had smiled and handed her a piece of paper.

A beautiful and lavish font: “It is graceful grief and sweet sadness to think of you, but in my heart, there is a kind of soft warmth that can’t be expressed with any choice of words.” (T/N: The words in quotations are actually in English. In other words, the note was written in English)

The poor Yao Yuan who struggled abroad for two years understood in an instant. “Miss you. It is a beautiful sweet miserable despair. In my heart, it is a kind of warmth that can’t be expressed in any language” (T/N: She translated the English note into Chinese)

After a second, someone rang the doorbell. The image of Jiang An Lan’s face suddenly flashed through her brain. Hesitantly, she went back and opened the door. Wen Cheng was standing outside with an affectionate smile. He said: “Eldest sister-in-law, could I have a few words?”

Wen Cheng saw that she didn’t look too good, “Sister-in-law, sorry, it’s so late and I’ve come to disturb you but I’m afraid that I won’t have a chance to say it in the future. I’ve always wanted to invite your husband to my show, but he had always rejected me, so I want to ask eldest sister-in-law to help me talk to him about it.


Wen Cheng smiled and nodded, “yes, you.”

“Him and I……”

“Don’t say that you’re not close ah, sister-in-law.”

Before Yao Yuan could finish, there came a blood curdling scream. Yao Xin Ran had forgotten to bring her facial cleanser and rushed out in the middle of her shower wrapped in a large towel. She saw the door was open, saw a man standing outside, screamed, and after a shake of her hand, the towel slide down her chest…… It was this night that Yao Xin Ran and Wen Cheng developed a deep hatred.

It really was a night of many events. Yao Yuan felt that her heart was already over capacity.

It was good that nothing else happened afterwards.

Before parting ways after breakfast the next day, those who didn’t have any burden in their hearts said that if there are opportunities in the future, they must meet up again. Yao Yuan said to herself, she will indisputably not participate next time. She was physically and mentally tired, to the point where she eventually “troubled” School Senior Jiang to send her home. Yao Yuan found it odd that Li Ao, who was always around, had suddenly disappeared at this time. Her cousin too…… So at that time, in that spacious sedan, besides the driver, there were only her and Jiang An Lan.

Jiang An Lan said: “Last night, I originally wanted to go find you.”

Yao Yuan asked: “That note was written by you?”


“Cough, don’t write next time.”

“Don’t like it?”

How am I supposed to answer ah? Yao Yuan felt that although this person’s appearance is cold and stunning, his behaviour is definitely powerful.

Jiang An Lan looked at her and quietly said: “I don’t know how to pursue someone. If you want to take it slowly, then I will slow down a bit.”

Yao Yuan opened her mouth to speak but failed in the end. Great Master wouldn’t ask you whether you are willing, he directly asks what kind of speed you would like to be pursued……

Jiang An Lan said: “Speaking of which, I still haven’t repaid the money I owe you, School Junior Yao.”



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  1. they ‘re progressing really fast…what a sweet chapter💕 Can’t wait for your next update, I really want to know how this story unfold. Thanks for your hardwork!


  2. JAL is soo…intimidating, don’t you think?does he like YY or whatever YY said last time they met is a challenge to him? love this story so far.thank you for translating.i couldn’t wait for the next update..


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