Time – Chapter 7.2

There are some references of historical figures in this segment that we aren’t too familiar with so we didn’t elaborate on those parts. The general meaning can be inferred and feel free to share some insight if you know more about the topic!

The real-life interactions continue and we learn more about the other characters. As expected, our male lead doesn’t disappoint and we get some quality interactions between the two leads (Turtle: SWOOONS). Enjoy 🙂

Chapter 7.2 – First internet meetup


The man beside the car was wearing a suit. He had a tall figure, defined facial features, and a rather noble aura. His standing posture and clear but cold and elegant eyes made Yao Yuan’s first impression of him regrettably be: “Doesn’t look the least bit like that baby picture!”

While Yao Yuan was having these random thoughts, the other person had already stood in front of her. The man was nearly 20 centimetres taller than the woman. He slightly looked down at the person in front of him, then looked over at the coffee in her hand. He asked slowly: “Bought for me?”


“Thank you.” He politely thanked her and took the coffee from her hand. His long and slender fingers lightly brushed over her hand. Yao Yuan was surprised, she raised her head and met his line of sight. The other person slowly started to laugh, “you want to drink?”


“Yao Yuan, I am Jiang Tian, also known as Jiang An Lan. ‘An’ from an hao (safe and sound). ‘Lan’ from bo lan (great waves).”

Yao Yuan slowly lifted her hand and and shook his other raised hand.

When Beauty Yao’s brain was like it was struck by lightning and remembered the name “Jiang An Lan”, she completely froze!

“Hey, this person, I know, he’s the school senior from fourth year university! Yao Yuan, should we tell him that he’s in the wrong classroom?” (T/N: scene in Chapter 1.1)

“Forget it, we don’t know him anyways, just pretend we don’t know.”

“Yao Yuan, you don’t know him? He is Jiang An Lan ah!”

The next time she heard this name was when her roomate enthusiastically said: “I ran into Jiang An Lan senior from the business school on the street. Why doesn’t our school have such well-rounded people in terms of skills and looks? If not born ugly, then they are lacking depth (T/N: intelligence and maturity). If Li Bai was still alive, then they would be Li Bai. Senior Jiang would have the appearance of Emperor Yang of Sui, passion of Southern Tang’s Li Yu, and boldness of the First Emperor of Qin, Ying Zheng.

A combination of three emperors? Yao Yuan couldn’t stop shaking her head when she heard this. How could there possibly be such an exaggerated person.

But today, it seems like the exaggeration is still an exaggeration. But from a certain angle, a certain someone really is resplendent.

Now that this resplendent Senior Jiang is standing right in front of her and introducing himself, Yao Yuan became a mess.

But Yao Yuan also though, could it just be someone with the same first and last names?

Because she had already completely forgotten that at the time she had said, “how can someone who is so lacking in morals grow up to be like this?”


“I was in the same school as you.”

Jiang An Lan inclined his head slightly and looked down at her. His hair was very soft, so strands of his hair fell down when he inclined his head. Yao Yuan looked at it and suddenly felt as if she was mesmerized by falling blossoms, attracting all of her attention.

Yes, they were in the same school before. When she was in first year university, he was in fourth year. When she entered second year, he had already graduated.

He first learned of her, or should he say, encountered her, during the second semester of his fourth year when he was selecting his thesis topic.

The first time they met, she saved him. The second time they met, she said: “We don’t know him anyways.” Simply didn’t remember him.

Jiang An Lan looked at her for a moment, the corners of his mouth lifted as if he was about to laugh and said: “Li Ao already went over, let’s go over there too, or go to our own private party?” (T/N: Li Ao is Ao Shi Cang Qiong’s real name)

“Cough cough cough!!” Yao Yuan coughed, then raised her hand and pointed a finger towards the fountain in the plaza. “Let’s go there.”

Jiang An Lan smiled and nodded: “That’s good too.”

Jiang An Lan told the driver to drive away, probably to park somewhere and wait. Before they walked more than fifty metres towards the fountain, he asked again: “Wife, can you make do with holding hands to pretend we are riding together?”

Jun Lin Clan Leader, you love riding together so much ah. “No need, thank you. Let’s walk normally.”

“Still, let’s hold hands for a bit.”

Yao Yuan secretly took a deep breath, “Jun Lin Clan Leader, no, Jiang An Lan school senior, maybe I’ve misunderstood, did you…… fall in love with me at first sight?” Wanting to hold hands after just meeting.

Jiang An Lan said: “Didn’t misunderstand, but, fell in love earlier than you thought.”


That’s how a soulless Yao Yuan’s hand was held while walking towards the destination. Because of this, she didn’t realize the large amount of people doing double takes as they walked by. Handsome men and beautiful women would always attract attention.

Yao Xin Ran had arrived for half a day but her cousin still had not come back. Ten people had already arrived including World Clan’s Ao Shi Cang Qiong, Xiong Ying Yi Hao, Xue Sha, Zou Na Shi Na, and others. As for Hundred Flower Hall, besides herself, there was Hua Kai and Ya Xi Ya. Just as Yao Xin Ran was about to call her cousin and tell her to hurry up, Ya Xi Ya, who was standing beside her, gave her a nudge, signalling to look behind her and quietly asked: “I say Clan Leader, is your cousin as beautiful as the girl who is walking over here?” Then he nudged the person on his other side, Li Ao, who had been talking on the phone all along and quietly asked: “I say World Clan’s Deputy Clan Leader, is your Clan Leader as handsome as the man who is walking over here?”

The first one who yelled was Zou Na Shi Na: “Sister-in-law!?”

Li Ao, who finally finished his phone call, followed everyone’s line of sight. He was blown away, “Boss has always been so efficient.”

When Yao Yuan walked to the fountain, she felt that the atmosphere was unusual. Having realized after the fact, she pulled her hand away but didn’t know whether she had been blushing. Probably not, because she felt that she had been breaking out in cold sweat this whole time, whether it be her forehead or her palms.

Xiong Ying Yi Hao was a slightly chubby twenty year old man. At that moment, he opened his mouth and kept looking between Yao Yuan and Jiang An Lan, “Boss and sister-in-law?”

Xue Sha, who was wearing a long trench coat with her hair in a bun and sporting an obvious OL look, laughed and said: “If I knew earlier that Clan Leader is this handsome, I would’ve put down my ego and pursued him long ago.”

Hua Kai was a flower shop owner, twenty-seven years old, had a gentle appearance, and an easy going temperament. “Little Jun is exactly the same as I imagined.”

Ya Xi Ya was a graduate student with delicate features, “Hey hey, if I knew earlier, then I wouldn’t have come. This couple is coming here to attack people.” (T/N: attack as in making people jealous)

Yao Yuan sighed and said, “If I knew earlier, I also wouldn’t have come.”

Hua Kai furrowed her brows, “Hey Little Jun, don’t you want to see us?”

“No, it’s just that……”

Ya Xi Ya also laughed and said: “Exactly! I’m ashamed of my inferiority, what about you Sister Jun? Being a tsundere?”

Yao Yuan had sufferings she couldn’t talk about. A certain man beside her smiled a little, saw Li Ao secretly telling him to go over, then inclined his head and said to her, “You keep talking with them, it’s okay, I’ll go over there for a bit.”

“……” Great Master, why is your tone of voice like keeping someone captive? Like when you let a domestic boss go out for a bit, this feeling?

Jiang An Lan took two steps and arrived at Li Ao’s side. Li Ao immediately introduced the people who were present and from World Clan then asked: “Boss, there are still some people who haven’t arrived yet. Do you want to give some sort of leadership speech to the people here first?”

Jiang An Lan shot him a glance, Li Ao bowed his head. Then Jiang An Lan said: “Go to the hotel in front of us and book a private room. We can all go over there and wait, it’s too crowded here.” Young Master Jiang didn’t like the noisiness of bustling streets. Most importantly, today’s weather was colder than usual and she (T/N: Yao Yuan) wasn’t wearing enough.

Li Ao laughed and said: “Will do!”

Why were so many people “reverent, respectful, and at his beck and call” when interacting with him? Some people were kicking up a fuss, like Wen Ru Yu and Li Ao. Some people truly idolized him. It was rare to achieve the level of recognition Jiang An Lan is getting from playing online games. He only started playing Prosperous Century half a year ago, Jun Lin Tian Xia was his first character with maxed-out levels. Once acquired, a clan was formed. Then not even two days later, word had spread that if one followed Jun Lin Boss, they could eat meat (T/N: prosper)! In order to eat meat, sigh, for justice in the underworld, N number of people joined World Clan. Sure enough, they were treated very well. Under such good treatment, they were naturally even more willing to contribute towards the clan’s rise. Therefore, after only a year’s time, although they weren’t the largest clan in terms of the number of members, their clan was definitely at the top in terms of strength and abilities.

The members of World Clan who finally met their clan leader in person quickly transformed their admiration into worshipping at his feet. Because the moment they met, Boss wanted to bring them to a beautiful place of wealth and splendour, a dazzling and magnificent five-star hotel, to stop for a rest.

During the short 100 metre walk to the hotel, Yao Yuan walked with her cousin. Jiang An Lan didn’t disturb them, he was walking two metres behind her and had a small smile on his face while looking at her.


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