Time – Chapter 6.3

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Chapter 6.3 – Great Master’s beautiful photo


Yao Yuan looked at the image on the screen in front of her and felt that her relationship with Jun Lin Tian Xia was progressing too quickly. Even though this is in a online game, the “increasingly warm feelings” are so fast that it’s like riding a rocket. Zoom hand in hand to the end of the world.

Once the date was over, her cousin told her to go on the clan’s channel.

Wen Ru Yu: “Sister-in-law has come.”

Bao Bei Guai: “Eldest sister-in-law! Eldest sister-in-law! Photos please!”

Hua Kai: “Right, I also have not seen Little Jun’s picture.”

Bao Bei Guai: “It has been said sister Hua Kai you have grown up to be quite pure. Your hair is very long. Very jealous.”

Hua Kai: “The concept of purity is already very far away from me. As for the hair, it has been growing for many years.”

Xiong Ying Yi Hao: “Today is really awesome seeing so many young beautiful women!”

Yao Xin Ran let her go through the chat history. Yao Yuan scrolled up to look and found that Hua Kai and two other World Clan females’ photos were exposed.

Shui Shang Xian: “Be psychologically prepared, they are thirsty for your information!”

Yao Yuan: “……”

But to be frank, Hua Kai’s appearance is much more ladylike than she had imagined. All this time the thought she was a very strong type of female. After all her usual speaking tone is always the “You ah! Find it ah!” type.

Xiong Ying Yi Hao: “Weakly asking again for sister-in-law’s beautiful photo!”

Bao Bei Guai: “Photo please sister-in-law!”

Behind was a bunch of people with the same request, including people from her own clan.

Shui Diao Ge Yao: “Very lively ah, what are we talking about?”

Bao Bei Guai: “ Sister Shui Diao came? You haven’t signed on for a long time.”

Shui Diao Ge Yao: “Yes, I have been busy recently.”

Shui Diao Ge Yao’s appearance has finally switched the topic away from “beg for sister-in-law’s photo”. Yao Yuan let out a sigh of relief. Then Shui Diao Ge Yao said: you’re all sending photos? Then the world’s number one beauty sent a few of her own photos. Not one wasn’t beautiful and enchanting.

Yao Yuan admired with the crowd for a while, it is always nice and stress-free to be a bystander. Within the countless murmurs of praise, Yao Yuan saw someone counterattack. Zou Na Shi Na: “Actually, I wanted to say that sister-in-law is much prettier……”

Yao Yuan almost rolled up her sleeves (T/N: to get ready for a fight)!

Hua Kai: “It seems like the number one beauty needs to move over.”

Luo Shui: “Strongly requesting Sister-in-law’s beautiful photo!!”

N number of people also echoed the sentiment. Even Shui Diao Ge Yao said: “Oh oh, same request.”

Shui Diao Ge Yao’s words had a slightly provoking undertone, but Yao Yuan actually thinks that “comparing beauty” is super silly and boring. It isn’t a Miss Universe Pageant, if you win you get 200,000 U.S. dollars.

Hua Kai sent her a private messaged: “She sure has a lot of confidence. If she has the ability, then don’t bring photos that have been through P (T/N: Photoshopped). Even though sister, I am only a flower shop owner now, in the past I studied Information Technology. Whether or not there was P, I can tell with one glance. She really thinks no one can see that her photo has been altered? Too funny!”

Hua Kai: “Little Jun, do you want me to do a little P on your picture? Take it out and end her. Take a seat as the next number one beauty on the throne!”

Ruo Wei Jun Gu: “You Hu Fa [1], calm down”

[1] 右护法 (You Hu Fa) A martial arts master from Pili, a Taiwanese show. Although the appearance is mediocre, good at commanding troops, mediating the overall situation, has clear and calm thinking, devoted to the master, the most capable advisor under the Heavens. ref

Hua Kai: “……”

Yao Yuan watched the people tirelessly ask for photos in the clan’s chat. Seems like they really can’t be distracted. What am I supposed to do ah?

Afterwards, Yao Yuan suddenly saw a phrase that gave her an idea. Bao Bei Guai: “Can I weakly request for big brother’s jade photo?”

Ruo Wei Jun Gu: “Kai (coughing sound) same, I also request your big brother’s jade photo.”

The channel fell silent for 2-3 minutes as usual, the screen was full of exclamation marks!

Bao Bei Guai: “Wa wa wa wa wa !”

Xiong Ying Yi Hao: “Mighty sister-in-law!!”

Wen Ru Yu : “Sister-in-law is powerful, absolutely.”

Hua Kai : “Little Jun is acting cute ah, pu!”

Not acting cute , I am selling… a husband [2].

[2] Acting cute is 卖萌 (mai meng), the verb is “to sell”. Yao Yuan is using a play on words by saying she’s not selling (acting) cute, she’s selling a husband.

Jun Lin Tian Xia, the one who had not spoken all this time finally opened his golden mouth: “Want my picture?”


Jun Lin Tian Xia: “I didn’t ask you guys.”

Yao Yuan froze, before she only wanted to efficiently redirect the flames. She didn’t think that the outcome now…… is she really seeking death?

Ruo Wei Jun Gu: “Not forcefully asking.”

Bao Bei Guai: “Sister-in-law, we must forcefully ask!”

Hua Kai: “Also forcefully asking.”

Bao Bei Guai: “But we cannot lose the opportunity as it will not come again. Sister-in-law forcefully go forward! I beg you!”

Xiong Ying Yi Hao: “Pleading!”

Why is there this feeling that something is not right?

Jun Lian Tian Xia: “Want it?”

Must you all be so coordinated like this?

Group: “Sister-in-law wants it!”

The pressure is too great, finally the fingers typed: “Ok.”

This is a historic moment!

While the crowd held their breath and waited, Jun Lin Tian Xia sent the photo. The picture slowly loaded. Everyone was dumbfounded.

It was a little baby’s jade photo, a baby no older than half a year. Intricate designs were sewn onto the swaddle cloth, like a flower but also like some sort of symbol. The baby’s eyes were open and staring at the camera with the corners of his mouth slightly drawn back in a smile. The baby had clear features, one can already vaguely tell that he had a high nose bridge. His skin was almost as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair black like the sandalwood window frames……cough. All in all this child was as beautiful as can be!

Bao Bei Guai: “This is the clan leader’s childhood photo? Wah wah wah so cute ah!! I can’t!”

It was so cute that people had already totally forgotten that they should be conspiring to get the grown up photos of a certain clan leader. Yet all they got was a baby photo that could not even count as a proper photo.

Wen Ru Yu really really wanted to remind them, what was your original objective!?

Yao Yuan also deeply felt that it was really cute. The next moment she received someone’s notification. Jun Lin Tian Xia: “I’ve sacrificed my body. Do you want to compensate me?”

The personality was not cute as all.

Thus the stormy episode of asking for photos had passed. Yao Yuan downloaded this baby photo to her computer. All the while wondering if her children in the future would be as cute.

The answer is: although there will be faults, they will not be inferior, might even exceed.

Of course, this was just an afterthought

December had already arrived and the weather became quite cold, but the game was still hot with passion. These days, they kept talking about the internet meetup in Jiang Ning City. At first, Yao Yuan had decided not to go to this meetup. However, once she found out that a certain clan leader’s visit coincided with the meetup, she decisively signed up! No need to make excuses to avoid meeting up with him anymore. Choosing one from the two is easy and understandable.

Wen Ru Yu, Xiong Ying Yi Hao, Shui Diao Ge Yao who lived far away from Jiang Ning City also signed up after Yao Yuan signed up. This also brought along many people who were not from Jiang Ning City. In the end, a total of 33 people signed up for the meetup. The scale of this meetup could be considered big.

Actually, Yao Yuan wasn’t familiar with a lot of people in the group. They were all from the World Clan. Besides the few senior World Clan members that she had contact with, she had barely spoken with the others before. Basically she was “spoken of” often.

However, it doesn’t matter that she isn’t familiar, people of the Hundred Flower Hall would definitely be familiar. Besides, she was going mainly to escape a certain person. It’s fine as long as she can accomplish her goal.

Why is Beauty Yao so afraid of meeting Clan Leader Jiang? The battle’s true question, in Yao Yuan’s heart, she would rather be one in a hundred than to be alone with him.

But comrade Yao Yuan, don’t you feel that the “same day coincidence” thing, should be thought through and analyzed more deeply? The truth would simply be revealed.

Wen Ru Yu, who signed up right after Yao Yuan did, shook his head again and again, “this Jiang person, you are powerful.”

Yao Yuan saw Chen Dong Yang again downstairs of the school’s teacher office. Very unexpectedly, went up to say hello. “Such a coincidence, we meet again.”

Chen Dong Yang smiled, “I came here specifically to find you. I waited here for half a day.”

Yao Yuan was taken aback “Find me? Why didn’t you give me a call?” Didn’t I give him my number already?

The other party said: “The number you gave me is wrong.”

Yao Yuan was embarrassed. If she said it was an accident, would it be believable?

Chen Dong Yang said: “Let’s find a place to sit? I want to talk to you about something.”

Yao Yuan thought she and Chen Dong Yang aren’t that close. What would they talk about? However because of their relationship as classmates, it would not be too good to reject when the other party has already invited. Then she nodded her head: “I am going to go eat. Have you eaten?”


The two of them went to a specialty restaurant above the school cafeteria. After they ordered two portions of risotto and two drinks they began talking. But it was mostly Chen Dong Yang talking and Yao Yuan listening. Mainly because she was hungry, after the food came Yao Yuan just kept eating and nodding her head. Actually Yao Yuan was quite baffled by the situation. Why exactly has this old classmate come to find her? Just to come talk to her about Toronto’s weather?

After they finished eating, just as Yao Yuan was calling for the waiter to bring their bills, the person across from her took out money and said that he it’s his treat. Yao Yuan saw that he was sincere so she didn’t fight it and said thank you.

Chen Dong Yang said: “You’re welcome. Yao Yuan, do you have a boyfriend?”


“I was thinking, if you don’t have a boyfriend……What do you think of me?”

So the main point is at the very end? Yao Yuan absent-mindedly said: “I just got married.”

Chen Dong Yang was startled. Then his brow slowly wrinkled and moved his mouth to trying to speak several times. In the end he laughed, “so it’s like this.”

When Yao Yuan said these words, her mouth was faster than her brain. Looking back at it, her heart was also surprised. It looks like the effect of this “marriage” on her wasn’t small. Had she subconsciously considered herself a married woman?

Chen Dong Yang stood up and said: “Sorry to have bothered you.” After he said goodbye to her, he turned around and walked away. Seemed like he was a bit angry? Yao Yuan stared at his back view. Originally thought about explaining her slip of the tongue, but isn’t this considered ‘as luck would have it’? Or it could be said that it was ‘conveniently pushing the boat with the current’ and this was a well meaning lie?

At this time the cellphone rang. It was a text message but it had no words, only a simple question mark.

It was an unknown number but it was a local number. Yao Yuan recalled that just before eating dinner, Chen Dong Yang wanted to add her “correct” phone number so she assumed it was him.

She thought about it then replied : “Very sorry, I am already seeing someone. You are a very good person and you play basketball well. I believe you will find someone better than me.”

The other party did not reply. Yao Yuan thought even if he didn’t believe the “marriage” excuse, now he should understand? When she left the restaurant the phone rang, it was the unknown number again. She picked it up and the person said: “Someone confessed their feelings to you?”

The voice was evidently not Chen Dong Yang’s. Chen Dong Yang’s voice isn’t as deep. It sounded a bit like… like……“Jun Lin Tian Xia?”


Yao Yuan stared at the sky

“Someone confessed to you?” The opposite end lightly repeated again.

Yao Yuan embarrassedly said “It doesn’t really count as one.”

“What did he do?”

“Not sure.”

“How old?”

“Around the same age as me.”

“Is he as handsome as me?”

This guy. Have I even met you in person before? Even if I had an amazing imagination, I couldn’t picture your present valour from one baby photo. “What, maybe I was thinking too much. You…… are you jealous?”

The other side paused, then he made an “en” sound and cleared his throat. As long as Yao Beauty’s mind was clear, even if there was any doubt, it would be placed in the heart. Why did she say it out loud? Embarrassed? Blushing?

Lord Jiang asked: “Do you have time tonight?”

“To do what?”

“Video chat.”

Why did this implicate video chatting?

The other side’s sexy voice said: “Let’s prevent long nights with many dreams (T/N: the meaning is “let’s not drag this out”) because when you see me you won’t want to glance at any other people.”

It should be said that this clan leader doesn’t consider anyone else his equal, or he doesn’t consider the four seas his equal, or he doesn’t consider anything his equal. “You are too proud.” As a spiritual cultivator, Yao Yuan solemnly criticized him.

“No, I’m just cowardly.”


Before hanging up Yao Yuan thought of something. Why did this god change his phone number for no reason? Otherwise there wouldn’t be such a mix up.

Jiang Clan Leader said: “Planning for the future”

Isn’t it only an in-game marriage? It isn’t real life, what is he overreacting for? Thinking back to these thoughts now, they really were too superficial!

Yao Yuan felt that her stress is greater and greater. From the game to real life, this person’s transition is so natural, so smooth, and without hesitation?

Just thinking about video chatting tonight, it sent shivers down her spine and heart jumping out of her chest.

However that night they did not successfully video chat. Yao Yuan got a message from the other party that he had an engagement that he could not get out of. He would be out very late so he told her not to wait for him.

Yao Yuan smiled widely and said regretfully, “No problem, no problem. There will still be chances.”

About her tone of voice, her sense of relief could not be hidden. The man on the phone only laughed: “Then you should rest earlier.” Can see this face but not touch it, so not seeing is fine. What he wants is to be able to see the face and touch it.


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  1. Thank you for continuing with this 🙂 I have checked for so many months and almost gave up hope already.
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    1. Thanks for not giving up! We can’t commit to a timeline but we definitely won’t drop this translation. Ikr!!! He’s one of the smoothest male leads I’ve seen 😆


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    1. Thank you for supporting this translation and for your feedback! It’s nice to know what readers like/dislike since we’re still new to this 😛

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