Time – Chapter 6.2

Seems like it’s not just Yao Yuan and Jun Lin Tian Xia who are making plans to meet in real life. The others want in too! We also get a little glimpse of how popular our female lead was when she was a student.

Note that we will be using the words “instructor” and “teacher” interchangeably. We will translate 大学老师 as “university instructor” and 老师 as “teacher”.


Chapter 6.2 – Great Master’s beautiful photo


Finally, after the boss was defeated, Ao Shi Cang Qiong, who was a gold medal item retriever (T/N: very good at retrieving items), went to retrieve the items from the corpse. This time, the items dropped by the boss were neither good nor bad. The three parties split the loot. However it can be said that only two sides split it because everything that the World Clan received was sent to their sister-in-law’s Hundred Flower Hall. When Ao Shi Cang Qiong transferred the items to Ruo Wei Jun Gu, he added: “Eldest sister-in-law, I put the wedding present we weren’t able to give to you inside the package. Wishing you a blissful marriage with our clan leader.”

There is still more stuff?

Ruo Wei Jun Gu: “It doesn’t matter, not gifting is also not a problem.”

Jun Lin Tian Xia: “Just accept it. It is a light gift but there is a heavy meaning.”

Ao Shi Cang Qiong stared at the two words “light gift”. How is this light?!

Yao Yuan focused on the two words “heavy meaning”. A certain clan leader, must you so…… persistently reiterate, again and again?

This is really ** ah. Still killing two birds with one stone.

Team system prompt: Luo Xia Man Tian has left the team.

Uh, killing three birds with one stone?

It was already nine o’clock at night when they finished the quest. It will probably be eleven o’clock when she finishes watching the movie. Yao Yuan told the team that she also needs to go. Everyone asked why so early? The night has just begun!

Ruo Wei Jun Gu: “Tomorrow morning there will be classes. Need to wake up early.”

Xiong Ying Yi Hao: “Eldest sister-in-law is really a university instructor ah? I just started my second year of university, feeling a bit…… haha, never gamed with a teacher before.”

Hua Kai: “Little Jun is a teacher? A university instructor at that? Sweat (T/N: sweating out of shock). I also just found out! Xian Xian, didn’t you say that you just turned twenty-seven? Then how old is your cousin?”

Shui Shang Xian: “My cousin is two years younger than me.”

Ao Shi Cang Qiong: “Twenty-five ah. Well, that is three years younger than our clan leader.”

Shui Shang Xian: “Ye (T/N: expression of enthusiasm)? Jun Lin Clan Leader is twenty-eight ah. He is in his prime [1].”

[1] 正值壮年 (zheng zhi zhuang nian): literally means upright and strong youth

Xiong Yin Yi Hao: “Pu!” (T/N: sound of escaping laughter)

Ao Shi Cang Qiong: “Hehe yes ah, he’s righteous.”

Ruo Wei Jun Gu: “I’m about to go offline. You guys continue chatting.”

Her face was a little hot. This topic really is…… and a certain clan leader didn’t come out to silence them just now. Hasn’t it always been that those who abide by his desires will live, those who oppose him will die? In the next second, Ao Shi Cang Qiong sent a private message: “Sister-in-law, I have been chopped to death by your man. Begging for consolation.”


Jun Lin Tian Xia: “You need to get up early tomorrow, so sleep right after you finish watching the movie.”

After killing someone he turns around and gently tells you to sleep early and stuff…… Yao Yuan suddenly felt a little meng [2]. Oh, so she is also a wicked person?

[2] 萌 (meng): adorkable, cute, lovely

Ruo Wei Jun Gu: “Ok, you too.”

Jun Lin Tian Xia: “Next week I will be going to Jiang Ning City for a business trip.”

Yao Yuan blinked, and blinked again. She didn’t misread, Jiang Ning City, isn’t that the city she is in right now…… Once again, her heart started to beat rapidly.

Jun Lin Tian Xia: “Will stay for one night. Should we meet?”

Suddenly she thought of the man in front of her who is in his prime. Yao Yuan decisively replied: “I am a traditional person!”

Jun Lin Tian Xia: “……”

This was the first time seeing Jun Lin Tian Xia use ellipses. Afterwards, Yao Yuan thought back and felt embarrassed to death! At this time, the phone beside her hand rang. She didn’t look at the caller ID before picking up, “Hello?”

“Hello.” It was a magnetic male voice, a little familiar. Looking at the screen, her brain shut down once again. The other person laughed and said, “I was thinking, what would be the first phrase you say to me? ‘Hello?’, very good.”


“Are you surprised to receive a call from me?” A sexy, unhurried voice.

“Cough, ok.”

“That’s good.” Slowly… want to hook someone in?

Yao Yuan softly asked: “Is anything the matter?”

“Nothing,” he said. “I just wanted to call you, I’ve wanted to for a long time. Also, next week I will be going to Jiang Ning City. Whether we meet or not, you decide.”


“Alright, you should go watch the movie.”

How can she still go watch a movie after this?

He said goodbye, she replied with an “en” (T/N: sound of affirmation), they hung up. After N amount of time, Yao Yuan’s expression in front of the computer was: (⊙_⊙)

The next day, Yao Yuan went to work. She took the bus and had dark circles under her eyes. As she sat down, the auntie beside her looked at her and said: “Miss, your coat is inside out.”

After Yao Yuan fixed her cardigan, someone sitting behind her tapped her shoulder. When Yao Yuan looked back, the person said: “Yao Yuan, it really is you ah.” A refined and polite gentleman said while smiling, “Just now I didn’t know if it was you. Your hair has been cut short, looks like…… you’ve changed a lot.”

“Ah, yes.” Since she went overseas to study, she has been keeping her hair short. Easier to take care of.

The person asked: “When did you come back? Where do you work now?”

Yao Yuan replied and the man laughed: “Back to our alma mater ah, that’s good.”

“En, it’s good.” Yao Yuan suddenly thought about a certain someone’s “that’s good” yesterday. She couldn’t help but shake her head. She already thought about it for the entire night last night but she still thinks about it. Wants to die.

The person said: “Have you always taken this bus route to work? How have we not ran into each other before?”

Yao Yuan actually doesn’t like to chat with people on the bus, but having run into an old classmate, she couldn’t ignore him. Thus, she spoke one minute and was quiet the next when replying. As for why they haven’t ran into each other before, that’s because this is her first time taking this bus route. She usually walks to school since it only takes about 20 minutes anyways. Consider it as doing some exercise.

Yao Yuan arrived at her destination. Before she got off the bus, he asked for her number. When she went overseas, she changed her number. When she came back, she changed her number again. Those who are able to contact her now are only her family and her roommates from university, as well as…… Jun Lin Tian Xia.

After Yao Yuan got off, she saw that her old classmate, Chen Dong Yang, was still by the window waving at her. As she walk toward the school gates, she suddenly recalled that this person seemed to have once had a “scandal” with her! Rumours had it that she used to always sit next to the basketball court, watching the most dazzling and most active boy dribble and shoot. That boy was Chen Dong Yang.

Once again she laments the power of YY. She was just keeping her eyes on the ball. Don’t people follow the ball with their eyes when they are watching a basketball game? Why was the rumour about her and not any of the other spectators?

In fact, thinking closely, since she was young, the amount of times Yao Yuan was a topic of gossip isn’t considered small. Beauties really do attract gossip.

But Yao Yuan feels like she’s “lying down but still gets shot [3]” ah.

[3] 躺着也中枪 (tang zhe ye zhong qiang): to be swept up in controversy even when you try to avoid it or “lay low”

As she walked past the school gates, she received a call from her cousin. She spoke first and asked: “If I said that I’ve never fallen in love, nobody would believe me right?”

“I believe.” After brushing off her cousin that never had to worry about nobody wanting her, Yao Xin Ran begun speaking about her matters. “Yesterday night, our clan’s and World Clan’s chat room was lit. It’s a pity that you slept early last night.”

She nearly didn’t sleep for the entire night last night ok?

Yao Yuan continued to say: “You are in Jiang Ning City, members of the World Clan all know that. Later when chatting at the alliance channel, we arrived at the topic of how there are many people in our great Jiang Ning city. Someone suggested that next week we organize a online friends gathering. Isn’t it very exciting?”

First of all don’t even mention she isn’t one bit excited. Is this “Jiang Ning City”, “next week”, “online friend gathering” and a certain someone’s “Jiang Ning City”, “next week”, “meet up” a mere coincidence or a black box operation (T/N: secret operation)? This is too much to think deeply about.

“Who proposed this meeting?”

“Online friends.”

“Who among the online friends?”

Zou Na Shi Na, this young man is enthusiastic and passionate. A one day tour of Jiang Ning City itinerary has already been arranged. First is to meet at the Man Da shopping centre fountain and afterwards we go eat, then visit the botanical garden, and go to the seaside to look at the lighthouse, the one we used to always go to collect sea shells when we were younger. At night, after eating dinner, go sing karaoke and then go to the night market.”


“But their clan leader, who is also your husband Jun Lin Tian Xia, seemed like he isn’t going to participate.”

“He’s not going?”

Turns out she was thinking too much? Yao Yuan was a bit ashamed, she was suspicious of everyone. He is really only on a business trip?

Whether or not a certain clan leader is innocent, only he knows and heaven knows.

That is why that night Miss Yao Yuan, who doesn’t possess God’s intuition, logged on to the game with feelings of compensation (T/N: for misunderstanding him) and took the initiative to contact Jun Lin Tian Xia. “Are you busy?”

Jun Lin Tian Xia: “Not busy , waiting for you.”

Ruo Wei Jun Gu: “……Want to go to Wu Xia Mountain?”

Jun Lin Tian Xia: “Sure”

After meeting up, they rode the white tiger together. Sitting at the back, while admiring the scenery along the way, Yao Yuan was thinking to herself, she never let out the the spirit beast he gave her. Next time she should let it out, ride side by side with him, unrestrained between heaven and earth. Yao Yuan thought about it and also spoke her mind. The answer received from Jun Lin Tian Xia: “No.”

Admire the scenery? Unrestrained between heaven and earth? No no no, the only thing this mister wants is to “ride together”.


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