Time – Chapter 3.3

This segment wraps up Chapter 3. Happy reading (:

 Chapter 3.3 – Great Master is looking for sponsors

(3) I need it

After doing the quest for almost half an hour, the wave of monsters and beasts was finally defeated. Then, the team rested, and continued to move forward.

Jun Lin Tian Xia: “Ruo, follow beside me.”

Yao Yuan subconsciously returned to the past: “Oh.”

Jun Lin Tian Xia: “Protect yourself, don’t worry about the other things.”

Ao Shi Cang Qiong: “Such a gentle and thoughtful Young Master Jiang is really rare ah really rare.”

Xue Sha: “Jiang? Clan Leader’s last name is Jiang?”

Ao Shi Cang Qiong: “Ah, I’ve said too much!”

Xiong Ying Yi Hao: “Cang Qiong, you know Boss in real life?! Ru Yu and Boss are university classmates, so you all know each other? You’ve excluded me?”

Xue Sha: “There’s still me.”

Ao Shi Cang Qiong: “This is life ah ╮(╯▽╰)╭”

Yao Yuan was just drinking water and almost spit the water onto her monitor, for that expression…

Yao Yuan was really suspicious, “Ao Shi Cang Qiong, truthfully, you’re a woman right?”

Xue Sha: “……”

Xiong Ying Yi Hao: “……”

Ao Shi Cang Qiong: “…………”

Jun Lin Tian Xia: “Hahahahahaha!”

It was Yao Yuan’s first time seeing a reply like this from Jun Lin Tian Xia and was a little surprised. But relatively speaking, in this group of people, Yao Yuan was the most calm.

Xiong Ying Yi Hao: “Boss was hacked?!”

Xue Sha: “This type of phenomenon, it’s the first time I’ve seen it.”

Ao Shi Cang Qiong: “Hahaha indeed, our eldest sister-in-law is formidable! But, sister-in-law, I’m a man, definitely a man.”

Yao Yuan was nervous, “Keke, then let’s carry on, after this quest, I still have something to do.”

Xiong Ying Yi Hao: “Sister-in-law is busy? Right, what does sister-in-law do? You wouldn’t still be a student right? Hey, would you happen to be a great beauty?”

Yao Yuan thought that Xiong Ying Yi Hao really was very talkative, but it’s rare that people will find him annoying.

Ruo Wei Jun Gu: “I’m not.”

Xue Sha: “I’m not a student? I’m not a great beauty?”

Jun Lin Tian Xia: “Ok, let’s do the quest.”

After going in, it was also basically all surprises.

Finally they reached the final boss’ cave. At first, Yao Yuan thought that there would be another hard battle, after all, this was the final obstacle. It turned out to be better than expected, no wonder the game walkthroughs constantly said that the final boss was easier to defeat than the ever changing surprises along the way. The World Clan’s experts had flawless teamwork. In less than ten minutes, Jun Lin Tian Xia had led these people to fight the boss, leaving it with only 10% health. It ran away. Afterwards, the short range players stepped aside, a long range player used a fire blast attack. From the start to the end when they defeated the boss, it wasn’t even fifteen minutes. Yao Yuan only weakly helped Jun Lin Tian Xia and Xiong Ying Yi Hao at the halfway mark, the effect was negligible.

Therefore, when they teleported out of the area, when Jun Lin Tian Xia gave her something, Yao Yuan immediately pressed “No”.

The item that Jun Lin Tian Xia wanted to transfer over was a rare, top quality sword. Although it wasn’t the Snow Sword, it was ranked top five on the sword leaderboard.

Ruo Wei Jun Gu: “This is too precious, Jun Lin Clan Leader, I was completely useless in this quest, I cannot reap the rewards. You… you can just give me some items, in fact, it’s alright if you don’t give me anything.” After all, she already gained a lot of experience.

Jun Lin Tian Xia: “Take it, I have already left two such items for the gang. This time we didn’t defeat the Spirit Beast and didn’t obtain the Snow Sword, next time I’ll obtain the Snow Sword for you. Also, I don’t randomly give out rewards based on power.”

Randomly give out rewards depending on mood? Well, Great Master, you’re trying so hard to act cool, do the people at home know?

Furthermore, next time I’ll help you obtain the Snow Sword? It couldn’t be that doing this quest was to obtain the Snow Sword for her? No no, he said that they didn’t defeat the Spirit Beast, at first he said that they were there to defeat the Spirit Beast… but he just said, “obtain the Snow Sword for you.”

Yao Yuan felt that her mind was a mess.

Xiong Ying Yi Hao: “Clan Leader is having a private chat with sister-in-law right? Uh huh, you must be exchanging sweet nothings.”

Xue Sha: “Looking back, our Clan Leader lacked love and patience towards women.” It was to the point where many people thought that Clan Leader was actually a woman playing as a male character, until Wen Ru Yu, Clan Leader’s university classmate, swore to the heavens and said: “If he is a woman, then all the money I’ve earned will turn into dirt!” Only then were they certain that the Clan Leader was male.

Wen Ru Yu: “Alright alright, let’s go, we don’t want to disturb their world of two people. In case Clan Leader thinks we’re an eyesore, shua shua shua he’ll chop us up ^_^”

Ruo Wei Jun Gu: “Is your Clan Leader very cruel?”

This unexpected phrase brought about an awkward silence.

Yao Yuan actually just wanted…if he was very cruel, then the items he gave, should she not reject them?

Nobody replied, except, Jun Lin Tian Xia: “I’m very gentle.”

Receiving a transaction from Jun Lin Tian Xia that was sent for the second time, Yao Yuan decisively accepted it. She now has two very good and rare swords, one was bought for 1 gold coin, one was rewarded by someone. Looks like she’s on a lucky streak, but there was also a period of dark history.

Ruo Wei Jun Gu: “Jun Lin Clan Leader, next time if there is anything I can contribute, I’ll definitely help, ah, if you need it. I’ll sign out first, see you.”

Jun Lin Tian Xia: “In the future, every time you go online, come find me.”

Ruo Wei Jun Gu: “Huh?”

Jun Lin Tian Xia: “I need it.”

Yao Yuan shivered a bit, then “calmly” signed out…then she looked at the snow-capped mountains on her background picture, patted her face, “calm down, calm down, things like online dating are too unrealistic.”

In the game, Wen Ru Yu: “Sister-in-law left already?”

Xiong Ying Yi Hao: “Yep, why was she in such a hurry?”

Xue Sha: “I guess she really had something to do.”

They waited for Clan Leader to say something, but, Jun Lin Tian Xia’s character also faded away.


Xue Sha: “The husband and wife have both gone offline.”

Ao Shi Cang Qiong: “Hehe.”

Xiong Ying Yi Hao: “Hey Cang Qiong, how did you meet Boss?”

Xue Sha: “Yeah, speaking about it, tell the truth, Ah Wen and Clan Leader are university classmates, how about you? You wouldn’t also be university classmates too right?”

Ao Shi Cang Qiong: “Well, I am working for him.”

Xue Sha: “Boss…is a nouveau riche?”

Ao Shi Cang Qiong: “Hehe, nobility.”

Wen Ru Yu: “Old Chuan don’t be silly, things like nobility don’t exist in China right? But he truthfully can’t be considered a peasant [1].”

[1] 草根 (cao gen): literally grass roots, means the lowest social class

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    1. Detective Degs is right! We’re starting to know more about our lead characters’ personal lives. Although I’m not sure exactly when they’ll meet but it should be soon… haven’t gotten to that part in the translations yet 😛


  1. The guy lead already knows the identity of the female lead right? the story is endearing, semi anonymous online dating 😍

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    1. Yes according to shushengbar he knows her. We’re reading it as we translate so I’m not sure exactly how he knows her, hopefully we’ll find out soon!


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  4. Deets on our male lead so far:

    1. 28 years old
    2. knows the heroine before (school days)
    3. old money backgroud
    4. started his own company (my guess is that its somehow related to computer or software or the gaming world)


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