Time – Chapter 7.1

新年快樂 Happy Chinese New Year! Wishing you all a happy and healthy Year of the Dog!

The long awaited meet up between the characters has finally come! We get a brief (very brief!!!) glimpse of some of their true personalities. Were they what you expected?

Warning, this ends with a cliffhanger. Read at your own risk.

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Time – Chapter 6.2

Seems like it’s not just Yao Yuan and Jun Lin Tian Xia who are making plans to meet in real life. The others want in too! We also get a little glimpse of how popular our female lead was when she was a student.

Note that we will be using the words “instructor” and “teacher” interchangeably. We will translate 大学老师 as “university instructor” and 老师 as “teacher”.


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Time – Chapter 5.2

As per your wishes, some more real life infiltration in this segment. Not sure when our leads will meet but this impatient turtle REALLY REALLY REALLY hopes it’ll happen soon!

Big thank you to all of you for being patient and understanding with our sporadic (non-existent) release schedule. As one of the readers would say, after 10 million years, here is another dose of humour and shamelessness 😛

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Time – Chapter 5.1

With this segment, our shameless male lead takes a small step into Yao Yuan’s life.

I had a bit of trouble trying to translate the title of this segment so I’ll explain its meaning here. The title, 和亲 (he qin), literally means “to form/establish a relationship”. In the gaming context, it can mean “to form an alliance” but it can also mean “to merge families” or “to become acquainted through marriage”.

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